Week #3

Every Friday of 2016, you will find a new post here containing two prompts – one from Effy Wild, and one from Sarah Trumpp. We decided that we are perfectly mismatched misfits, what with Effy being all deep and excavat-ey and into the self-inquiry and Sarah being all irreverent and quirky and a little on the darker side of whimsy, and we thought that you’d appreciate having options! Engage both prompts, one prompt, or go your own way as you see fit. We hope you find this inspiring! Please post spreads related to the project in our Facebook Group. You can also post links to your finished spreads in the comments below. Haven’t picked a journal yet? Find inspiration in this post. Want to pin the prompts on Pinterest? Hover over the image and pin away! Find our Journal52 2016 Pinterest board here.


Week #3
“Favourite David Bowie song/lyric.”
Prompt by Effy Wild for Journal52

Original ImageTurn And Face The Strange  Alternative Promptwk3.2

Week #3
Alternative prompt
“Favourite Song/Lyric”
Prompt by Sarah Trumpp for Journal52

Original ImageIMG_0258

As always, do whatever you feel inspired to do! Use what you have! Create in anyway you are inspired to create! You can check out our YouTube channels if you want to browse for inspiration. There are lots of videos in Effy’s channel here, and Sarah’s channel here.

Questions & Comments are always welcome both here in the comments, and in the Facebook Group as well.

See you next week!

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