About Journal 52

Tell Your Story This Year…Artfully!

Journal52 is a FREE art journal workshop that will keep you motivated, inspired, and creating all year long. By the end of the 52 weeks, you will have a book that tells your story of 2014 in a creative way.

Why Participate in Journal52?

  • Simplifies the art journal process – no more staring at blank pages!
  • No expensive supplies are necessary – all you need is a 3 ring binder and your choice of papers to get started…and whatever else you already have to create with!
  • Keep record of your life in a creative way – we’ll be collecting all sorts of treasures from everyday life to include in your journal
  • Learn New Techniques - We will be sharing all of our favorite art journal techniques, including collage, drawing, mixed media painting and more!
  • Personal Development - Whether you’re looking to achieve your goals and dreams or go on a journey of self discovery, this workshop will help you with many aspects of personal development as well.


 About Chelle Stein

Chelle Stein is an artjournalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and loves creating and writing. She created this workshop to share her love of art journaling with others and to simplify the process of creating an art journal to make it easy enough for anyone to do and enjoy.

Connect With Us!

We recommend to stay updated and to get to know others who are doing Journal52 to join our group on Facebook. It’s not mandatory – but it will be fun we promise! We’re also in the process of starting a Pinterest Board to keep you inspired! Follow Chelle Stein on Pinterest.

 You can also see some of the things created and share your creations in our Flickr group.